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Product Customisation



Electric Motor Customisation

It's our willingness and ability to modify our products, even on small quantity orders, that sets us apart from our competitors in the market. Whether it's simply adding an encoder to the unit, applying a different coat of paint, or designing a completely bespoke unit from scratch; Parvalux will work with you to meet your geared motor requirements.

We offer a wide variety of modifications and accessories that can be applied to our units, and have extensive experience in producing bespoke designs whatever the requirements. Please see below for further information on the different options available on our products.





These are standard options which you can simply specify at the time of ordering or can order later to complement your motor. All geared motors can be supplied with a range of cable types, terminations, brakes, tachometers, and digital encoders. Our products can also be provided with alternative lubricants; from low temperature through to food grade compatible available to replace our standard synthetic lubricant

Further options include enhanced ingress protection (IP) being included to withstand challenging environmental conditions, with further options for all products to be certified where necessary and even painted to your exact requirements. Lastly, we are also able to provide a huge range of cable lengths and type, as well as offering wiring harnesses and almost any cable termination.


Simple Modifications
Windings Armatures


With a wide variety of lamination types, we are able to produce an almost infinite range of possibilities by hand or fully automated winding.


These can be optimised for your exact speed requirements, and even produced for high-speed operation, exceeding the catalogue rated speeds.

Motor & Gearbox Shafts Shafts

Motor and Gearbox Shafts

These can be manufactured using a wide variety of steels from conventional mild steel through to marine grade stainless steel, along with a huge range of shaft finishes.


These can be modified to practically any customer requirement in terms of form and function, and we utilise state-of-the-art CNC machinery to produce shafts to very high tolerances.





Full Bespoke Design

Our engineering team are highly experienced in designing full bespoke geared motor solutions to exactly match your end product's needs. We are well versed in designing a solution to meet your product's aspirations rather than you having to compromise your end products look or performance due to the nature of the geared motor.

In addition, we can design and manufacture additional items of your drive chain as in the mocked up example to the left of a bespoke caravan mover application. In this example a brake has been applied to the back of the motor, the gears are fully custom and protected from the elements, and the large knurled wheel has been specially designed to apply the exact right amount of friction to the caravan's wheel to enable secure driving