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factory 1

Factory 3

Factory 3 is responsible for manufacturing a wide range of different components, all used in the production of our motors and gearboxes. This includes shafts, machined castings, stators, rotors, and gears (bronze & delrin) that are later used in the assembly of our motor-gearbox solutions







Using our advance technology, we are able to produce high volume, quality components, all within a very short time frame. The components are then tested in our on-site inspection facilities. Utlilising equipment such as CNC coordinate measuring machines with automatic optical shaft measurement capabilities, all within dedicated temperature controlled inspection areas, we are able to ensure the quality of all the components that we produce.

Finished, fully tested components are sent to Factories 1 & 2, ready to be used in the production and assembly of geared motor solutions on order.



parvalux factory 3