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factory 1

Factory 2

Factory 2 is our high volume, product specific, production line facility. We have three independent flowlines all supplied by our own in-house winding section and sub-assembly lines. Factory 2 is entirely self sufficient, sourcing components from high quality approved suppliers, assembling and then delivering to customers directly. As in Factory 1, we utilise semi automatic winding machines to produce armatures from spindles and laminations wound with copper.







This factory is designed and organised for high volume and low variety single piece flow production. Our lean methodology journey has begun with our goal being to create a true centre of excellence for winding and assembly of custom designed, application specific, geared motor solutions. As well as securing existing customers for the long term, we are excited to welcome two new high volume products and new customers over the next 12 months, increasing output by 50% and further cementing Parvalux’s position as European market leader.



parvalux factory 2