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Parvalux is Europe's leading value-add motor manufacturer

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Parvalux product modification

Every Parvalux product can be modified in innumerable ways. For example:

Armature winding

armature winding

Windings can be custom manufactured to produce specific torque - speed characteristics to suit the input speed of your choice.

This is particularly useful when the powertrain speed requirements need to be optimised to a specific speed requirement. With a wide variety of lamination types and diameters, we are able to produce an almost infinite range of possibilities by hand winding through to fully automated winding.

In addition, armatures can be optimised for high-speed operation exceeding the catalogue rated speeds.

Shaft modification

shaft modification

Motor and gearbox shafts can be manufactured using a wide variety of steels, along with a huge range of shaft finishes.

The armature shaft and gearbox output shafts can be manufactured from a range of materials from conventional mild steel through to marine grade stainless steel. The shafts can be modified to practically any customer requirement in terms of form and function.

We utilise state-of-the art CNC machinery to produce shafts to very high tolerances where required.

Options & accessories

All geared motors can be supplied with a range of cable types, terminations, brakes, tachometers and digital encoders.

We can also offer additional drive and non-drive end custom manufactured sub-assemblies to interface with our customers’ equipment and product.

Whilst our products use standard synthetic lubricants, we can provide alternative lubricants from low temperature through to food-grade compatible.

Our products can be produced with enhanced ingress protection (IP) to suit challenging environmental conditions. All products can be certified where necessary.

Finally, we are able to provide a huge range of cable lengths and types as well as offering wiring harnesses and almost any cable termination.

Painting & finishing

A wide range of paint types and finishes as well as enhanced ingress (IP) protection are available on request.

We can provide a large range of paint finishes all produced within our UK facility.